imperial tobacco canada - Impact of illegal tobacco

The illegal sale of tobacco products affects all Canadians.  It not only hurts the legal tobacco industry and government, but it also has a detrimental economic impact on Canada's tobacco growers, wholesalers, retailers, and each and every taxpayer.

Annual loss of revenues due to illegal tobacco

Annual estimates total loss of tax revenues due to illegal tobacco

$2.4 billion
Uncollected cigarette excise tax in Ontario in 2006-2007 $500 million
Uncollected cigarette excise tax in Quebec in 2011 $125 million
Estimated loss of annual revenue for legal tobacco industry $900 million

A threat to honest, hard working convenience store owners and operators

Lost tobacco revenue to Canadian convenience store owners

  $2.5 billion
Estimated annual loss of revenue to the legal tobacco industry   $900 million

An uncontrolled and profitable venture of organized crime

Retail price of contraband cartons of cigarette versus legal cartons 

~$8 vs. $90


Association canadienne des dépanneurs en alimentation, L’ACDA demande un gel sur toute nouvelle
réglementation et taxe sur le tabac.

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