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We strive to be the very best, do the very best and do it right. We know that to keep our leadership position, we cannot rest on our laurels. We have to anticipate trends and be one step ahead of the game. Leadership goes beyond the commercial aspect of our business. It also means setting high standards, demonstrating integrity and addressing head on the issues that affect our business.

Youth smoking

Kids should not smoke. Period.

Promoting, marketing and selling tobacco products to minors are all illegal. We support initiatives that prevent children from smoking. Our marketing strategies are directed at adult smokers only. We are adamantly opposed to marketing cigarettes and tobacco products to minors. It goes against what society expects of us. It goes against what our employees want from their employer.

We enlist every resource to ensure that our products are manufactured, marketed, and sold in a responsible way and that adults who continue to use our products are fully aware of the risks involved in smoking.

In addition to complying with stringent federal and provincial tobacco regulation, we adhere to strict International Marketing Standards to ensure our products are not targeted to youth and we encourage responsible community retailing by supporting initiatives such as the Canadian Convenience Stores Association’s national age verification program, We Expect ID.

Illicit trade

Please visit our Illicit trade section for  more information.

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