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Imperial Tobacco Canada recognizes that each employee brings a different set of strengths to the job.

The reasons for joining Imperial Tobacco Canada are as diverse as the people who work here. However, one thing is certain: this company draws smart, successful, inquisitive, optimistic and fun-loving people with a will to win.

There is no shortage of challenges in the tobacco industry. There are also unique opportunities.

Working at Imperial Tobacco Canada is about solving problems together in an intellectually stimulating and fast-paced industry. Our employees thrive on challenges, face them head on, and look for innovative solutions. We don’t shy away from controversy and we take our responsibilities seriously. We are committed to providing a work environment that is personally and professionally rewarding.

Each one of us, from brand manager to IT systems analyst, is focused on growing our business and maintaining our leadership of the Canadian tobacco market in a responsible way.

When you walk the hallways of Imperial Tobacco Canada or encounter a member of our sales force, you will meet energetic people and leaders who thrive in a competitive environment. We dare to do things differently and we care deeply about our company, the work we do and the people we work with.

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