imperial tobacco canada - Direct to store sales (DSS)



Our sales team is the front line of our DSS approach.

In 2006, Imperial Tobacco Company moved to a Direct to Store Sales (DSS) distribution model. DSS is a proven distribution method in many product categories (beverages, snack foods, etc.) and countries. We are the first tobacco company in Canada to implement DSS on a national scale.

Our sales team is the front line of our DSS approach. Each representative deals one-on-one with retailers across the country. Their role is to ensure that the company’s products are available to adult consumers in the optimal quantity and freshness. Key benefits to retailers include better product availability, competitive prices, and efficient delivery.

By working closely with their sales representatives and replenishement agents, retailers also benefit from greater opportunities for tailored products and programs, as well as access to expert advice about our products and industry. Individual retailers can now work in partnership directly with Canada’s tobacco industry leader to improve their profitability on sales of our products.

There are three sales regions across Canada: East, West and Ontario

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