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Imperial Tobacco Canada manufactures and distributes a wide variety of tobacco products. As a responsible manufacturer and distributor, we are pleased to provide a complete list of our products. We have not included our brand logos or a description of the smoking qualities of our products on this site. Such information can only be provided in accordance with applicable federal and provincial legislation governing tobacco promotion.

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List of products

Tailor-made cigarettes
  • du MAURIER Signature
  • du MAURIER Distinct
  • du MAURIER Balanced
  • du MAURIER Mellow Blend
  • du MAURIER Menthol
  • du Maurier Fine Cut Special Blend
  • JPS
  • Marlboro
  • Matinée
  • Matinée Mellow
  • Matinée Subtle
  • Medallion
  • Pall Mall Red
  • Pall Mall Special Red
  • Pall Mall Blue
  • Pall Mall Special Blue
  • Pall Mall Bold
  • Pall Mall Gold
  • Pall Mall Menthol
  • Pall Mall XL (Bold and Blue)
  • Peter Jackson Full Flavour
  • Peter Jackson Select Flavour
  • Peter Jackson Smooth Flavour
  • Peter Jackson Mellow Flavour
  • Peter Jackson Menthol
  • Peter Jackson Charcoal Filter
  • Player's
  • Player's Smooth Taste
  • John Player Standard Quebec
  • John Player Standard Bold Taste
  • John Player Standard Rich Taste
  • John Player Standard Smooth Taste
  • True by Player's Canadian Blend
  • True by Player's Plain
  • True by Player’s special Blend
  • Viceroy Red
  • Viceroy Blue
  • Vogue Perle Rouge
  • Vogue Perle Bronze
  • Vogue Perle Rosée
  • Vogue Perle Verte
  • Vogue Perle Turquoise
  • Vogue Superslims (Purple)
  • Vogue Superslims (Blue)
  • Vogue Superslims (Frisson)
Fine cut tobacco (Roll-your-own)
  • Peter Jackson Special Cut 100% Red
  • Peter Jackson Menthol Special Cut 50%
  • Player's Fine Cut
  • John Player Standard Rich Taste Special Cut 50%
  • John Player Standard Rich Taste Special Cut 90%
  • Viceroy Special Cut 100% Red
  • Embassy
  • Peter Jackson Red
  • Player's Blue
  • Player's Red
  • Player’s Grey
Cigarette papers
  • Player's Booklets
  • Embassy Booklets

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