imperial tobacco canada - Our strategy

Imperial Tobacco Canada's strategy echoes that of our parent company, British American Tobacco.

We compete to grow our share of the Canadian tobacco market and lead the industry in all we do.

For us, leadership is not only about quantitative results and short-term market performance.

We take a long-term view, focusing on the quality of our business and how we build value over time. We invest considerable energy and talent to offer adult consumers high quality brands and to be recognized as the industry leader. We want to be the first choice partner not only for our consumers, but also for governments, suppliers and potential employees.

Working together with our partners, we hope to redefine the industry by building and maintaining a sustainable business run by outstanding people and by providing superior products.

Our vision is to maintain our leadership position. We are the leader today and we intend to stay on top.



Our business is about offering adult smokers who know the health risks high-quality tobacco brands. It is about beating the competition, not about boosting the number of smokers, increasing the amount they smoke or targeting minors.


Our commitment to productivity provides the resources we need to invest in our brands and grow market share. It is also about building an efficient company and driving speed to market.


Our products pose real risks to health; therefore, managing our business responsibly is a critical component of our strategy. We set high standards of behaviour, from how we market our products to how we support our communities. 

Winning organisation

We strive to attract, develop and retain great people and offer best-in-class work environment.

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