imperial tobacco canada - Who we are

Imperial Tobacco Canada is part of a truly global organization operating in a diverse and highly competitive market. We are committed to operating a sustainable and eco-friendly business whilst maintaining our position as Canada’s leading Tobacco Company.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco with nearly 550 employees across the country in sales office and at our Montreal head office. We are proud to distribute our high quality brands to some 29, 0000 retailers throughout Canada. British American Tobacco p.l.c. is the world’s most international tobacco group, with more than 55,000 employees worldwide and brands sold in 180 countries

Adult smokers are at the center of our business. We invest in understanding their tastes, preferences, price and where and when they like to buy. We firmly believe that only by meeting their wants we can hope to keep their loyalty to our brands.

Canada has some of the most strict tobacco regulations in the world, and for good reason. Tobacco consumption poses real and serious risks to health. Imperial Tobacco Canada supports reasonable and enforceable regulations to govern the manufacture, sale, distribution, and advertising of tobacco products.

We believe it is all the more important that our business is managed responsibly.

Responsible management is integral to our strategy and we are working to pursue our commercial objectives in ways consistent with what is expected from a modern tobacco business.

Our President and CEO

Jorge Araya, President and Chief Executive Officer of Imperial Tobacco Canada, was appointed in December 2014.  

Jorge joined British American Tobacco in 1995 in Chile and held various Marketing roles in Chile and Mexico prior to being appointed as Marketing Director for the Southern Cone and Brazil.  Most recently, in 2012, Jorge joined the Americas Regional Leadership Team as Regional Marketing Manager.

Jorge holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Universidad Catolica (PUC) Chile.

Head Office

Opened on May 6, 2002, Imperial Tobacco Canada's head office is located in Montréal's St. Henri district. The five-story building is a modern, functional, and dynamic environment for our employees. Corporate divisions include:

  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Finance/ IT
  • Law

Sales regions

Dealing one-on-one with retailers across the country, the members of our sales force are the front line of our Direct to Store Sales (DSS) approach. Their role is to ensure that the company’s products are available to adult consumers in the optimal quantity and freshness.
There are three sales regions across Canada:

  • Eastern
  • Ontario
  • Western

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